Böhler & Orendt

30.07.2018 – 23.09.2018
Vernissage on 29.07.2018, 6pm

The Carrion Cheer, A Faunistic Tragedy

Kunsthalle Göppingen
Marstallstraße 55
73033 Göppingen

According to an old folk legend, apparitions of lost animal spirits will appear in a makeshift trans-dimensional stopover camp. This happens at an unknown point in time and space, after their species has left the Earth for good.

But they will not dwell on lamenting their own extinction. They do not bear any grudge toward you or your ancestors. Eventually, they came to understand that you just can’t help but follow the instinct that urges you never to settle for anything less than moremoremore, which, naturally, implies their demise.

The only inducement for their emergence is to share their song of eternal forgiveness. Thus, you will receive the comforting tidings that you and your kind are still welcome in this other world of never-ending blissfulness.