Clare Langan

Preview The Rewilding 2022

In recent years we have become urgently aware that global ecology is a delicate balancing act. The disintegration of the natural world has seen the mass extinction of animals, insects and plants at an alarming rate and can no longer be ignored. The Rewilding is about redressing this imbalance, which has reached a tipping point. It has become necessary for humans to evolve within and with their environment in order to survive. We cannot continue to ignore our responsibilities as the custodians of this planet, plundering the natural world without consequences, otherwise the future that we leave for our children will not be one that is flourishing. 

In the film a mother and three children find themselves trapped at the bottom of a perilous cliff on a remote island. As the woman repeatedly makes failed attempts to scale the vertical cliffs looking for a way out, it is the children who intuitively listen to the animals and tune in to their environment, eventually leading them to their escape. The film is an allegory for how past generations have ignored the warnings about climate change and have led our children to the edge of a perilous cliff. The film not only addresses this rebalancing of our relationship with the natural world, but the “rewilding “ of ourselves as human beings, through a transformation in our thinking and our consciousness.

Clare Langan has been addressing issues of climate, the environment and our relationship with it for over 25 years. She has collaborated again with Oscar-nominated cinematographer Robbie Ryan BSC and features world-renowned performer Rachel Poirier. The film includes a rich soundscape by Daniel JL Goddard, music by Linda Buckley, Shida Shahabi and Gyða Valtýsdóttir.

Ellie & Raven | Still The Rewilding, 2022 © Clare Langan