Liat Yossifor


Interview with Liat Yossifor!
Conducted by Brainard Carey

Praxis Interview Magazine, Yale University Radio


„Liat Yossifor was born and raised in Israel and moved to the United States in 1989. Her early monochrome portraits of women, posed as soldiers, with the features of the sitter appearing as though etched into immersive fields of pigment, resist easy identification. These early paintings explore the effects of cultural displacement and the contradictions of identity. Her series of landscape paintings consists of abstracted battle scenes composed of multiple figures, where bodies merge with cinematic landscapes. Yossifor’s subsequent work is divided into two distinct series of abstract monochrome paintings, each adopting aspects of her previous bodies of work. Her monochrome series of gray paintings and black paintings are further delimited by differences in duration, pigment, material, and process…“


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