William Lamson



Center for Land Use
Wendover, Utah

At the Center For Land Use interpretation in Wendover Utah I am opening a multi year project  on October 7th.  The working title of the project is Mineralogy,  and it has involved creating a hidden exhibition space within a partially collapsed WWII armaments building, in which I have installed a one-room cabin interior that is undergoing a long term geologic irrigation. Throughout the space, hundreds of vessels of salt water have been repeatedly filled and allowed to evaporate, encrusting the vessels and the surrounding furniture in delicate columns of salt. In addition, a solar powered irrigation system turns on once a day allowing the entire work to continue to grow unassisted for over a year. If architecture can be considered the entity that separates us from nature, then the objective of Mineralogy is to reverse this paradigm, bringing a quiet geologic process inside of a building and allowing it to collide with the interior space indefinitely.