Sibylle Springer

Sibylle Springer

Sibylle Springers paintings embody a unique way of representation and an irrevocably recognizable style, whereby her choice of motif and subject differ a lot. The pictures are often showing intermediate states, phenomenona, which, as fleeting coincidences, fairly are recognized in everyday life. The viewer is put in worlds which he never before has experienced this intense – and he sees depending on the distance he takes to the painting something completely different. This has to do particularly with the special painting technique of Sibylle Springer. Her pictures reveal themselves from a complicated texture from different line layers and hatchings. These build, observating the picture, a kind of haze in front of the eyes like by strong rain or fog. In 2011 Sibylle Springer began to re-enact works from art history by this technique. To this she sais herself that she is interested in the “Intermediate tones, the vague and the dichotomy of Christian iconography”. This interest affects the structure which Springer confers the works produced by her in original format.

She covers the underpaint with a multilayered web of fine strokes, wherefrom an effect of flimmering blurriness emerges.

That way she doesn’t only update her role models from art history but aquires an own way of painting and competes with them. One of those models is the in Detroit living painter Hernan Bas who in one image reinterpreted the Martytium of the holy Sebastian with a hurtful and at the same time lustful gestus. It occurs in the work of Sibylle Springer impressively in a new correlation of Christian Iconography and contemporary painting.

13.09.2018 – 30.09.2018
Werkhalle Wiesenburg Berlin
Wiesenstrasse 55
13357 Berlin – Wedding



Gegenwart der Kunst
Künstlerhaus Göttingen
Gotmarstraße 1
37073 Göttingen

28.04.2018 – 27.05.2018
Arte Noah
Kunsthalle Feldbach
Sigmund-Freud-Platz 1
8330 Feldbach

Galerie K’
Alexanderstraße 9b
28203 Bremen

Von der Hintergründigkeit der Bilder
Artist talk between Sibylle Springer and director Peter Friese
Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst
Teerhof 20
28199 Bremen

“toxic tools”
Special edition for the Weserburg Museum
Weserburg | Museum für moderne Kunst
Teerhof 20
28199 Bremen

01.12.2017 – 03.06.2018
Weserburg I Museum für moderne Kunst
Teerhof 20
28199 Bremen

Vernissage on 9.12.2017

Shoot the Freak

Kunstverein Ruhr
Kopstadtplatz 12
45127 Essen

25.08.2017 – 17.09.2017

alles oder immer
Schau Fenster – Raum für Kunst
Loebeckstrasse 30-35
10969 Berlin

Sibylle Springer
48 pages
with a text by Peter Friese (DE/EN)
Cover: broschur
Published by: Kunstverein Ruhr e.V., Essen
ISBN: 3-935430-16-1

Sibylle Springer GIFT
GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst Bremen
80 pages, 47 images
With texts by Jens Asthoff and Svea Kellner (DE/EN)
Edited: Svea Kellner and Janneke de Vries
Design: Cabinet Gold van d’Viles
Published by: Verlag für moderne Kunst, Wien
ISBN: 978-3-903228-16-0