Self on stage


26.10.2023 – 2.12.2023

curated by Freddy Langer

We are pleased to present in the current exhibition Self of Stage. 17 Women. 17 Positions, a selection of international female artists who work both in front of and behind the camera. It has been put together by the Frankfurt journalist and photography expert Freddy Langer. He responds to the magnificent traveling exhibition Feminism Avantgarde, SAMMLUNG VERBUND, Vienna, with works from the 1970s by Valie Export and Orlan, Cindy Sherman and Annegret Soltau, among others, by asking how the examination of the self is represented in female photography today. Freed from the social role attributions that the previous generation had to fight against, the women photographers stake out a wide range of themes. They leave behind the radical emancipatory struggle. Now there are just as many examples of wry humor as there are moments of melancholy. And with unconcealed matter-of-factness, these young women plunder what has accumulated in the canon of art history.

 The seventeen positions range from Elina Brotherus and her gravitational back figures in the style of Caspar David Friedrich, to Kourtney Roy’s whimsical survival strategies during the Corona Lockdowns, to Johanna Keimeyer’s startling role portraits as Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo.

 Annegret Soltau, one of the pioneers of feminist art in the 1970s, will be part of the exhibition as special guest.


Petra Kammann, „Self of Stage. 17 Frauen. 17 Positionen“ in der Galerie Anita Beckers, Feuilleton Frankfurt, 05. Nov. 2023

Christoph Schütte, Positionen von Künstlerinnen, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 27.10.2023, Nr. 250, S. 12

Exhibition views, Fotos: Wolfgang Günzel