Susa Templin


How does perception work in a built space and how can spatial experiences be put into pictures? These are questions Susa Templin has been concerned with for a long time. The artist, who lives in Berlin and in Frankfurt am Main, works with photography and three-dimensional spatial models. This is a concept that she concretized during a studio scholarship in New York and has expanded since then. In addition to numerous international exhibitions, lectures and teaching activities, Templin has also worked on architectural art, for example for the Frankfurt University Hospital and the Ministry of Finance in Wiesbaden.
Templin uses her extensive archive of photographs of room fragments — which are always photographed analogously and processed in her own laboratory — for new, atmospherically dense spatial designs. These fragments can be a corner of a room, a piece of curtain or a certain doorway. With the technical possibilities of photography and installation, the artist creates subjective architectural atmospheres and spaces: places that are associative and real at the same time, like the work „Folded Spaces“ — a group of works from the current exhibition at the Braunschweig Museum of Photography — that counter the physical manifestations of space, object and body.

Susa Templin 2020 CV