Thorsten Brinkmann, born in 1971 and based in Hamburg, takes staged photographs of himself using discarded objects. He disguises his head with found objects, such as vases, bowls or buckets and dresses in various costumes in order to slip into ever new characters. Although these photographs are self-portraits in the true sense of the word, they remain anonymous through their concealment of his features. He creates his imaginary worlds with „the rubbish of others“. Flea markets, household dissolutions and scrap dealers serve him as a source for the inexhaustible pool of everyday objects that he creates his works with. Often, he turns of the editions of his photographs into an assemblage by adding found objects, such as frames, carpets, chains, and the like, to his work and thus creates an expanded, three-dimensional gripping art piece. The works can evoke memories of famous works of art history that represent, for example, monarchs or equestrian statues as well as still lifes. Thorsten Brinkmann’s unconventional works bear witness to the playful humor of the artist. The exhibition features a selection of photos, assemblages, sculptures and videos.