Thorsten Brinkmann
16.03.2023 – 29.04.2023

The exhibition „Bubbleup“ presents new portraits, assemblages and sculptures by Thorsten Brinkmann (*1971 Herne). The artist transforms the gallery space into a whimsical universe in which discarded and supposedly useless or worthless things reappear and, placed in new contexts, awaken to new life. Thorsten Brinkmann collects the debris of modern culture, combines it with each other and places it in completely unexpected contexts. Provided with a good portion of humor, they develop a certain life of their own apart from their original function and question not only the relationship between body and thing, between subject and object, but also our handling of resources. In his work, Thorsten Brinkmann – former student of Bernhard Blume and Franz Erhard Walther – playfully moves between the genres of photography, sculpture, performance and installation. Full of art-historical allusions, subtle wit and a great sensitivity for material combinations, he shows us the hidden qualities of things that we have long since put to rest. His works are present in numerous museum exhibitions and are represented in public and private collections.