07.11.2019 – 10.11.2019

Following last years successful presentation where we were able to place works in important international collections, in 2019 we propose a booth that continues to explore the artistic experimentation with the medium of photography.

This year, we planned to focus our presentation on two artists that challenge the boundaries of traditional photography and whose works are conceptually linked to each other – Gottfried Jäger and Christiane Feser. In the early 1960s Jäger experimented with different systematic, constructive approaches resulting in a form of concrete photography also defined as generative photography. He later developed his methodology further into creating geometrical photo objects referred to as „photo material works“, where he forms a dialogue between the photographic process of reproduction and production of the photo object itself. Jäger’s work can be regarded as being exemplary for the younger artist Christiane Feser. Both artists free themselves from the confines of two-dimensional photography and explore the possibilities of transforming their medium into three-dimensional objects. The results are compelling unique pieces that center around geometrical abstraction.

Additionally a unique triptych by Abramovic & Ulay establishes a link to the piece we presented the year before, showing a performative, staged method of photography from the early 1980s. In combination early sewn photographic pieces by Annegret Soltau, which focus on her performative line of work, complement the presentation.