Federico Solmi

27.01.2018 – 23.02.2018

CUMULUS BLIMP: A Transnational Platform of Discourse

Mabini Projects
2F Casa Tesoro
1335 A. Mabini Street Ermita,
Manila 1000


MABINI Projects is proud to present the final installment of the one-year long exhibition series CUMULUS BLIMP: A Transnational Platform of Discourse. And for the final episode of this series, MABINI Projects presents works by Federico Solmi. The works by NY-based Federico Solmi (Italy, 1973; often combine articulate installations composed of different media, such as video, drawings, mechanical sculptures and paintings, and the use of bright colors, satirical aesthetics and absurd narratives to portray a dystopian vision of our present-day society. MABINI Projects introduces Solmi’s work for the first to an audience in Metro Manila, the Philippines. 1335MABINI, of which MABINI Projects is a part, encourages the development of critical dialogue between individual international artists to further artistic practices and discourses; within the series of exhibitions CUMULUS BLIMP: A Transnational Platform of Discourse, MABINI Projects has shown works by artists based in the Philippines, the US, Israel, Taiwan, Austria and Indonesia.

The exhibition opens at 6pm on Saturday 27 January and runs until 23 February 2018.